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AIS is a relatively simple concept as it uses VHF and GPS to transmit data to other ships increasing the safety, and fun aspect of sailing.

AIS, or Automatic Identification System, is  an ideal way to see and be seen in busy ports, waterways and out at sea. It is a simple concept, fusing dynamic and static data together to build up a live image of the surrounding marine environment.

AIS is simple in concept, using the VHF radio to transmit and receive dynamic data - which is taken from the global navigation system (for example GPS or Glonass) giving the vessels course, speed and position; and static data - (for example the vessel's MMSI number), which is inputted at installation.

AIS transmits data to other ships, shore side monitoring stations or aids to navigation units. It provides many benefits to mariners including safety and identification solutions as well as increasing the fun aspects of sailing; for example finding friends quickly.

All About AIS has brought together key information on AIS that will help you to understand how the technology works, and how to get best use out of it.